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“In 2006 I first set foot on a racing bike: it was the start of a passionate love affair. In those days, women on wheels were an exception. Since I hardly knew any other female partners in crime, I joined a recreational cycling club for men. With the pride of a peacock I put on my first cycling outfit. It had a horrible print, mismatched colours, sponsor names all over and a seat pad clearly not designed for ladies. But there I was…cycling!

Hitting the road in male company was and still is fun. However, sometimes I just like to cycle with sisters. In 2009 I started my own female cycling club. Our style signature: girly outfits with flowery prints, from baby pink to fluorescent fuchsia. A statement? Oh yes.
Our club grew quickly and turned into ‘Ladies Fun Sports’, a Belgian community that reaches out to and connects thousands of sporting women every month.

Two years ago, I realized I really just want to feel like a lady when I’m cycling. Bike, gear, shoes, helmet and – yes – even socks: I wanted all of it to fit into one stylish puzzle. As I couldn’t find an outfit that gave me the ‘little black dress’ feeling, slowly but surely the idea grew on me to start my own label with cycling gear for women. A label for all of us who want to look gorgeous on our bikes, as well.

The dream became a plan. The plan became reality. Little Black Bike was born. My wish is for women worldwide to discover and fall in love with our label. Head over heels. The more of us can hit the road with confidence and grace, the better.”


Angélique Dupré


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  • Kelly
    Geplaatst om 18:24h, 02 januari Beantwoorden

    Fantastisch nieuws! Veel keuze is er niet voor vrouwen. Ik ben benieuwd wat je collectie in petto zal hebben!

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